storage unit prices start from just £8.99 a week with discounts available for extended durations and larger capacities.



Store your items all year round from just £8.99 per week.



Storage secured by a state-of-the-art security system.



Collection and delivery services available to all customers.



Low monthly fees for short and long unit rentals.



Storage units available from just 10 sq ft.



Access available 7 Days-a-week, Sunday - Saturday.

Home Storage

Moving to a smaller home or simply just ran out of space?

Perhaps you're university bound and need somewhere safe and secure to store your personal possessions for summer?

Choose from a selection of options. 

Business Storage

Scaling up your business but running out of space for stock?

Our e-store plans are designed to provide secure, accessible and affordable storage solutions for local businesses.

Flexible terms are available.

Vehicle Storage

Do you have a vehicle which needs protecting from the elements?

Fenstor Limited offer affordable large storage units, available to shelter your vehicle in a secure but accessible unit.

Unlimited storage options available.

How Fenstor Storage Works

Think of us as an extension of your own premises. We can be your spare room, an extra garage or storage warehouse. Secure, safe and reliable and only a short drive from where you're based.

Our premises are fully secure with a team of professionals always available to help you access your items and a modern security sytem helping to keep an eye on your possessions 24/7.

If you wish to store your personal belongings or your shop's stock, we can provide you with access to storage units from as little as 10 Sq foot starting at just £8.99 per week. You can even make it bigger or smaller whenever you need to.
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Trust Fenstor to keep your possessions safe and secure. With over 1,000 happy customers trusting us to store high-value vehicles, family heirlooms and retail stock, you can rest assured you'll be in safe hands.